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When a Blog Garners an Investment a Decision Must Be Made | Highsnobiety & e-commerce 

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“This is the first time we’re in a position to craft a content-led strategy for commerce the way we want to do it.”

Source: Streetwear publisher Highsnobiety plans to make e-commerce 30 percent of its revenue – Digiday

Digiday is reporting that Highsnobiety will be making e-commerce 30% of its revenue. A few weeks ago Felix Capital invested 8 Million dollars into the lifestyle blog. While many didn’t pay attention to this, I immediately wrote about the importance:

Luxury Brands are Shifting into Sneaker Resell Establishing the Importance of the Once “Niche” Market

For the sneakerhead community it’s important that our integration into the business aspects of kicks be discussed. Far too often we are consumers and not participants in the billion dollar industry that defines our fashion sense and our association with who we want to be perceived as. I’ve been a strong proponent of going from sneakerhead to boss and started a video series explaining the different paths that can take.

Insider Ties Ep. 19: From Sneakerhead to Boss- Kicks, Apps, Websites – YouTube

What Highsnobiety is doing is a repeat of what has happened with Complex and Hypebeast as well as Kicks on Fire. When a site begins to garner considerable traffic the brands will pay for those eyes on that site. Complex has become a media company with Verizon’s private content at the core of it’s business model. Complex media content is also given a larger reach and this can be seen in the success of this year’s ComplexCon. Highsnobiety’s recent investment demanded that the content company become something more.

Solecollector launched Slang

Campless became StockX

Kicks on Fire has Kixify

Hypebeast needed HBX

Blogs/media companies have to find a way to diversify their income and the launch of private collections and an e-commerce platform by Highsnobiety is a natural extension that will be a case study in the integration of commerce into content. Use the source link above to Digiday to get a more detailed discussion on the particulars.

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