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Why the Converse Pro Leather ‘76 in “Vintage Suede” will be interesting to watch

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The updated Pro Leather enhances an iconic silhouette with Nike technology, contemporary shape and “sport classic” colors.

Source: Nike News – Converse Launches The Pro Leather ‘76 in “Vintage Suede”

In 2013 I was able to pick up the Pro Leather for 19.99 plus tax at Hibbett Sports. I bought over 100 pair and sold them all at retail price of 70.00. If this was a “Should You Buy To Flip?” article then I would discuss how the Pro Leather has always been one of my favorites. I actually drew a picture of Dr. J dunking with a pair on when I was a kid. It is possibly the most iconic hoops shoe in history for me. When you consider Michael Jordan won NCAA Championships in the shoe, it becomes a lot more modern, but to me it’s always been about Dr. J.

I say all of this to state that when it dropped in 2013 the basketball market was a lot stronger and was performing well so this shoe didn’t sell in store. It was a very good online drop in certain areas of the country, but in urban accounts it just didn’t sell.

This year, I grabbed these Blazers Vintage Suede for a steal on a closeout from a store I did online sales for. I took almost 60 pair for 20 dollars a pop. I thought I would be able to move the pairs at retail 100 dollars without a problem. I mean retro is in and this shoe had a premium suede and vintage yellowed outsole. It was a classic look, but that classic retro look didn’t pop. I ended up doing one of my classic schemes to convert buyers. I dropped the shoe price, removed free shipping and added shipping back. The shoes didn’t sell at 79.99. They didn’t sell at 59.99. They didn’t sell at 49.99. It wasn’t until I went to 39.99 plus 14.95 shipping that the shoe began to sell. After 15% on each shoe, this wasn’t the deal I thought it was going to be. That was the Blazer.

Will the Converse Pro Leather be any different? My projection is that as dope as I think it is, I won’t go with emotion. These joints will sit and go and sale and will be one of the best pick ups you can grab in January at 39.99 to 59.99 from their retail price of 80.00 dollars. We will see.