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Why You Should Know Katherine Switzer | adidas GamePlan A

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Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run in the Boston Marathon. (pics via Gameplan A)

Source: How Women Won Their Running Rights at the Boston M

The Boston Marathon was run today and it seems like a foregone conclusion that there is a women’s winner and a men’s winner. It wasn’t always this way, like many things in the U.S.  The country suffers from an issue of inclusion that remains just as prevalent today as it was at the dawn of the country. This lack of inclusion prevents our nation from being even greater than it is.

Kathrine Switzer was celebrated by adidas with a Boost pack created to honor her barrier breaking run in 1967. 50 years ago during the height of the Civil Rights Movement (which carried with it the rights of women as well) she jumped head first into the fire and had to overcome an attack by the race director during the race.

When I see these images in black and white it reminds me of how hateful society is to minorities. While this is not a firehose spraying a Black person, or a dog attacking a Black person, it’s the same venomous ignorance attacking a woman who simply wanted to participate in a sporting event.

This article on Gameplan A gives behind the scenes details and provides more detailed insight into what happened to get Switzer through an event that was amazing and awful.

Use the source link to read more.