Will The adidas NMD Lose Resale Like The Nike Roshe Run? | Housakicks Livestream


Published on May 27, 2017 by Housakicks
(YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPK…) took the time to hit me to discuss what he thinks is an oversaturation of the market by adidas with the NMD. His initial question was: Will the NMD become the Roshe? I thought about it and said that the Roshe is still selling, but is discounted so the question should be Will the NMD lose resale value like the Roshe. The shoe breakdown is below. Use the time markers to click to where you want to listen.
0:24 Introduction Housakicks
0:46 Introduction to the Discussion
1:24 Will the NMD be like the Roshe Run?
1:52 My response: The Roshe Didn’t Die
2:40 Let’s Change the Question: Will the NMD Stop Reselling Like the Roshe
3:15 The Roshe Run was number 4 in sales in 2016
3:50 The Data Might be Missing on Sneakers
4:20 The Roshe is dead for flipping
5:16 Will the NMD Be Like The Roshe? Housakicks Thoughts
6:05 The NMD is losing its Uniqueness and the New Balance 247 is a better shoe. – Housakicks
7:10 The NMD isn’t a workout shoe which is more important than people think. – Housakicks
8:00 The New Balance 247 is a better option- Housakicks
9:10 I can’t talk trash I’m wearing NMD Wools – ARCH
10:00 I talk about why NMDs and Primeknit shoes shouldn’t be more expensive. Here is the link to the article: http://www.arch-usa.com/insider-ties-…
10:47 the NB247 Salmon and Mint are dope
11:16 Asics Knit are dope, but they are 150.00 and that’s a problem.
11:55 The NMD will hit the resale wall.
12:55 The NMD will hit the resale wall in the middle of this summer unless it’s really limited.
14:05 Some small brands are going to sneak into the market.
14:45 Housakicks thinks the NMD should be cheaper. We go into a discussion on the XR1 and pricing.
16:22 Housakicks wraps up the interview.
17:08 Me telling you to visit the websites http://www.housakicks.com and http://www.arch-usa.com because we have to get smarter about this sneaker biz.

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