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Winter Running? CG097II Storm Collection

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The Summer release is currently marked down to move before the Fall/Winter lightweight running CG097II Storm Collection is released in November. I’ve changed the mesh to a slightly heavier mesh than on the summer shoe and created a more monotone look. I also made the rubber on the outsole grey to give the shoe a better contrast and to offset the problem I had before with the white showing glue.

If you didn’t pick up a pair of the IIs, now is a great time. The CGIIs are perfect for 1-3 mile runs, as a training shoe replacement for your more expensive models and it is perfect in the gym on the treadmill. I might post a video of me running in them just to show what it looks like for a big guy to run in the shoes. The shoe is not loaded with a bunch of hard to pronounce technology, that actually harms more than it helps new runners. Simple is better. The shoe is a lightweight foam and rubber outsole meant to allow your foot to move in it’s natural position which leads to less stress.

Okay enough of the sales pitch. Here are some pics from the factory. I will of course have more pics once the shoes arrive and are QA checked and packed. In the meantime hit the ARCH Online Shop and grab a pair of the CGIIs Inspiration pack at over half off; and yes I’m still throwing a tee shirt in while supplies last.

Chris B.


Storm Grey/White CG097II
Storm Black/White-Grey CG097II
Storm Red/Storm Grey-White CG097II


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