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WWYWT? Pruning the Roses

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No music today, just the sun, my shears, gloves, raggedy jeans and my sunny I Love California tee shirt. I also had a few power tools for the edging and trimming of the shrubs, but you get the idea. Last week I finished off the week and yesterday, with my Wii Workout. I have also added 30 pushups before bedtime to the repetoire to build a little mass. While 30 push ups doesn’t sound like much, it is actually a great thing to do before bed if you do them slowly and with a lot of control instead of using momentum to carry you through them. Anyway, back to today.

The Workout: 1st 30 minutes I pruned the roses. This gave me a pretty good shoulder workout, wrist and fingers as well as a leg squats and lunges. It also provided me with about 6 pricks from the thick ass thorns on my long stems. I had blood spots up and down my arm, but hey it’s worth it to have my roses come back strong after the first blooms. 

Next 15 Minutes: I took out the old trimmer saw and shaped the four shrubs. This was a good arm workout of course.

Next 30 minutes I edged the lawn. This was a back workout and legs since I had to walk slowly around the edge of the yard.

Final 20 minutes I plugged in the blower and got rid of all of the shavings. I didn’t cut the grass since I’m trying to get some thickness to it. Overall it was a very good workout and something a little different. If I could have avoided getting a face full of spider webs when I was pruning this would have been a great workout. However, I really didn’t need the unexpected cardio from running my big ass around the yard trying to get this tiny spider off of my face after putting my whole face through the web. smh

Stay motivated Fam! WWYTD?