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WWYWT? Riding with the King

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Okay the automatic assumption is that I’m talking about Elvis since this is Memphis. The actual fact is I’m talking about my son who plays the guitar, but also provides motivation on early morning runs. Lately he has been listening to the BB King and Eric Clapton album by the same name, hence the name of the post… Anyway another nice jog this morning. Nothing special at all. Only 2.3 miles according to Google Maps and that didn’t take much time at all. Here are the particulars:

Temperature: 75 degrees. The sun is hot! I mean it wasn’t bad, but when I got to the hills, every little thing was making it difficult to pick up speed.

Terrain: A very hilly run… is hilly a word? There is one hill that would make a marathoner cry for mercy. My son took that hill like Lance Not Strong.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 2.3 miles.

Time: 22 minutes

Soundtrack: Lupe Fiasco on Pandora. This could be part of the reason my run was so difficult. Lupe is a dope emcee, but his station was filled with Kid Cudi, Kanye and way too much introspective stuff. I can’t listen to self conscious Hi=hop and get motivated. Note to self: Do not listen to Lupe on Pandora when running it could make you stop, sit on the curb and start thinking about the world, or some random girl who stole your money and left you crying after dumping you. What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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