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WWYWT? Running the Streets

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Monday morning!!!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and you are digging in for another week of work. I also hope you are still rolling on your own personal workout schedules and getting it in! Last week I finished the week with two days of virtual workouts on the Wii and on the Kinect. This week I started with a nice long jog with my son in tow. He rode his bike though, which is still pretty tough.

Temperature: 50 degrees. I’m trying to figure out what happened to the warm weather all of a sudden.

Terrain: The suburban concrete jungle, the skreets, the hood, actually just the sidewalk with moderate hills.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 2.17 miles. I give myself 2.5 just for the record.

Time: 24 minutes, give or take a phone call. Hey, I’m a business… man.

Soundtrack: Pharoahe Monche channel on Pandora. I think I made a good decision in buying an Android phone finally. Streaming music is the bomb!!!!! I really didn’t know what I was missing.  Dopest song of the run? DWYCK: Gangstarr featuring Nice and Smooth. Talk about a song that was just right for the moment! On that note I have to drop the vid here and leave it up to you. What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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