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WWYWT? Spouse 5 week Challenge: Exercise and Health

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Okay it’s been a minute since I posted on the site, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running and working out. I just haven’t been posting. I’ve dropped about 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Which is great! The reason? The Spouse 5 Week Challenge. My wife recommended that we challenge each other on a daily basis. Well, not daily, but 5 days per week we have to do some sort of workout. The cool thing about this is that we don’t have to work out at the same time, but we do have to workout in the next 24 hours from when we last worked out. That’s confusing. Example time: let’s say she hits the treadmill for 25 minutes at 10am.  I have all day to meet the challenge of working out for 25 minutes. I’ve been alternating weights, Yoga on the Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 and Boot Camp along with running on the Kinect Your Shape. She has been going swimming and hitting the treadmill. This is a great way to get your fitness plan in order.

Today I hit the outside running path. Here is the breakdown:

Distance: 2.15 miles

Time: 27:39 I know not the fastest pace in the world, but man it was chilly and there was a wind, and the dog ate my homework (Kanye Shoulder Shrug)

Avg Speed: 4.5mph, Elevation: Up 62ft and Down 68ft Calories: 306

Music: The Roots Undun (Clean) a great thematic album that creates a slow paced run. Dope, contemplative lyrics and thoughtful storytelling, it’s like listening to a movie.

I hope you guys out there are doing something to stay motivated. Oh I forgot, shoes I wore today? ARCH CG097II (Black Steel/Pitt Yellow-Wht) Limited Edition (13)