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WWYWT? What Was Your Workout Today? 11-29-11

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Okay it’s been a long weekend and all of the Turkey and fixins are firmly settled into the rolls of stomachs across America. I haven’t done a WWYWT in a minute with all of the sneaker updates, so here is what I did to start getting rid of the Apple Pie and Sweet Potato Pie, both a la mode, that I killed this last week.

Temperature: 37 degrees. I stayed in the house. I had been using the weather as an excuse not to run. I was also using my lack of cold weather running gear as an excuse, until last night. In the middle of the night the Treadmill sitting in the corner of the room spoke to me. It said, “I can smell the turkey and dressing seeping from your pores into the sheets of your bed. You are getting chunky, chunky, chunky.” Then it shut up. So I woke up this morning did a couple of blog updates and jumped on the treadmill for a jog.

Workout: Program 1 Calorie burner 300 calories. I ended up at 296 calories, but that’s okay it was a good jog.

Distance: 2100 steps, which I equate to 2.1 miles in 30 minutes. I know my pace though so I had to be closer to 3 miles.

Soundtrack: A mix of music. What stands out? Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To F With right when I needed it most and during the cool down, The Police -Wrapped Around Your Finger. I can’t help but feel like the treadmill was sending subliminal messages with these two songs.

Overall an excellent workout. Make sure you get out and do something today.

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