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Yogi Ferrell ties NBA Rookie Record |From Green Room Disappointment to a Contract

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I watch the draft every year and it’s quite possibly the worst thing in the world to be a Knicks fan watching the draft. My pain as a Knicks fan and a part time Grizz fan, is never as bad as when a player gets left in the Green Room.

Last year it was Yogi Ferrell. The Indiana University all time leader in assists, remember this is the school that produced Isaiah Thomas, ended up going undrafted and you just felt so bad for him as he sat there and watched his dream fall apart. The camera kept cutting to his sisters and eventually the telecast ended.

Yogi ended up with the Brooklyn Nets summer league and sipped a bit of tea with the team but was waived. Enter the Mavs who signed him to a 10 day and now it’s being reported that Yogi has landed a 2 year deal after the performance below.

Congrats Yogi! Watch the performance that cemented his status.  Oh you don’t think that Mark Cuban being a IU guy wasn’t happy about signing a fellow Hoosier? Maybe that helped… naaaahhhhh