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York Athletics Throws A Haymaker for Hope

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On May 18, thirty-two fighters will step into the Haymakers for Hope Rock ‘N Rumble ring at the House of Blues in front of a crowd of 2,000 people

Would you train to become a boxer to help fight Cerebral Palsy? Would you train to become a boxer to fight MS? Would you train to be a boxer to fight domestic abuse? I mean really train? Wake up at 5 am to do road work before heading in to your normal job. Leaving work and heading to the gym to train and spar… Would you become a fighter to help others fight?

I’m sure the answer is yes. York Athletics is sponsoring the Haymakers for Hope and it’s a beautiful thing. The brand is getting behind a project that has raised over 500,000 dollars to fight cancer. Everyday people are stepping into the role of amatuer boxer to help fight against cancer.

This is the type of alignment that builds brands in today’s retail economy. I’m not saying that York is attempting to capitalize. I’m saying that a brand can’t simply drop a shoe and expect people to buy it without that brand showing that they care about more than just dollars. York probably won’t be covered by any sneaker websites. They won’t earn any accolades from the press. No one will retweet or even share this post, so their support of the Haymaker Project is obviously less about marketing and more about being a part of something bigger than footwear.

That is what will distinguish companies and that’s why I’m using my time to write about this. Use the source link to read about a few of the competitors and what they are doing to get ready to throw a few haymakers.

YORK Athletics is proud to be the official footwear sponsor of the 2017 H4H Rock ‘N Rumble. Fight night is May 18 at the House of Blues in Boston. 

To donate money to help KO cancer, please follow these links:

Kim Lipman

Senam Kumahia

Brian Morrissey