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adidas’ 2017 Presented in a Vivid Display | Business

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adidas has seen a year of amazing growth. There were a number of reasons for their success including fashion and retro taking the lead which gave adidas an incredible source and catalog to pull from. adidas also found their groove with an expanded line of BOOST based products. They made the NMD a category/brand and they took advantage of the Swoosh making infrastructure changes which saw the brand fail to create new products or engage the consumer. adidas’ primary reason for growth in my opinion was their extreme detail in marketing. The growth of the Three Stripes can be directly related to the campaigns created which began in 2016 and carried through to 2017 to considerable effect. The Source link above and here:


Deliver a stunning display of the campaigns utilized each month throughout 2017. The ads and marketing from adidas inspired and generated genuine connection to counterculture and empowering of diverse group of people. The content was powerful. Granted marketing was only a component. When you consider adidas trimmed divisions, managed inventory and grew direct to consumer as well as made considerable investment into the target markets the success of the brand was a joint effort. Use the link to scroll through an incredible year.