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adidas Introduces Parley Editions of Game-Changing Running Footwear

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Introduces Parley Editions of Game-Changing Running Footwear

I have to repeat that big brands will have to show a commitment to more than just their shareholders to remain relevant to consumers. adidas is doing this in a very straightforward manner and I feel compelled to share it everytime I see any info because I know what contributes to the problem of ocean plastic in a very direct way.

I was in the US Navy. I made two WestPac cruises during my enlistment. Every evening at dusk, we had a fantail dump. I was on an aircraft carrier so there were over 6000 sailors on the ship. The fantail dump was when we took our trash to the back of the boat and threw it into the undertow/wake left behind the ship as we sailed to our next destination. At the time I didn’t even think about what was being done. As I got older and started hearing about the Pacific Garbage Patch, fish and sea animals stuck in plastic casings, I realized that my Navy had contributed to this in a very big way.

Obviously adidas understands the serious nature of the work being done. While the result of footwear and sportswear featuring recycled ocean plastic isn’t substantial the idea that this can be done is very important and shows that sustainability is a priority for the brand. In the long run that connection to social issues will be embraced by other brands and that’s a competition I’m looking forward to. Use the source link to read more about this new Parley collection.

“The new additions to the adidas x Parley collection are another step in our journey to creating one million pairs of UltraBOOST from up-cycled marine plastic,” said Mathias Amm, product category director at adidas Running.

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