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Adidas Now Shares Nike’s Most Famous Golfer, Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods, Welcome to the #1 Family in golf.

Well, not exactly adidas, but Taylor Made has signed Tiger and they are extremely excited. They’ve been promoting the signing all over social media and they’ve redesigned the website to show the sponsorship. The thing is adidas owns Taylor Made so the idea that on the homepage of Taylor Made there is Tiger swinging and staring with a giant swoosh on his shirt, could be kind of awkward.

I guess, it should be noted that adidas does have Taylor Made on the market. This signing should make the company a bit more attractive for a potential buyer. Until there is a deal maybe it would be wise for Taylor Made to find as many shots of Tiger without the Swoosh.

Nike stopped making golf equipment last year and is only providing apparel. Could Nike be up for taking on Taylor Made? When you consider TMG has Jason Day the new #1 in golf and the GOAT, maybe just maybe Nike is going to consider this.

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