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adidas Originals Forum Campaign Digs Deep Into The 80s

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Originals Forum Campaign

I remember in the late 80s people got addicted to Nike Dunks. My entire sneaker world rotated around adidas. I can pull pictures showing me drawing or posing and in every picture I was rocking either the Forum, Top 10 or some adidas drop while everybody was dying to get the next suede Dunk.

adidas is attempting to remove the reliance on the Superstar for retro by releasing an entire capsule dedicated to the Forum. As much as I appreciate the reference this might be a miss. The apparel won’t be, but the footwear… Let me put it like this, I was the only one enamored with adidas and other brands. Everyone else was wearing either Dunks or Jordans or any shoe with a Swoosh. My reflection isn’t law though and I may be wrong, but as much as I love the Forum, it never really caught on like that. We are in a different times now. Yeezy updates a Reebok Workout shoe and people thinks dope. With the multitude of “hot” styles I think the Forum Collection gets the apparel aspect right. The Puffer Vest is butter.

You can see each item of the Forum Collection by using the links below or the source link above.

Forum Apparel

Forum Footwear

Forum Footwear Women’s