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adidas Recruits Top Young Designers | Submit Your Portfolio | adidas Design Academy

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Recruits Top Young Designers

Pensole has changed the game in design. Well, not exactly… there have been websites around for a while where designers placed their renderings of different concepts on the web to be viewed by peers. Pensole simply took the concept and turned it into a medium where aspiring designers could begin to gain ground in an industry that is very difficult to crack.

I’ve been touting the marketing genius of adidas. In a recent article I discussed the Glitch app and how adidas pulled three new creators to work on their new shoe.

Meet the London Players | Why adidas Will Continue to Shine – Grassroots Marketing

adidas is now pushing this concept farther by introducing the adidas Design Academy. The 24 month program is currently accepting portfolios.

As a grassroots initiative, and an educational experience this may be one of the best opportunities I’ve seen. Use the source link to read more. I may dust off some of my old renderings.