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adidas Running | alphabounce | “Running” |Featuring Gil Scott Heron

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I could be either offended and pissed at adidas, or I can thank adidas for reaching more people than I could ever reach with the words of Gil Scott Heron.

I’m a writer and a teacher. In every class I ever taught, I made sure to introduce my students to Gil Scott Heron. The easiest way I did this was by saying Gil Scott was the forefather of Hip-Hop. adidas’ use of Running by Gil Scott from his final album “I’m New Here” works… but the poem is such a masterful statement about how we have to overcome our demons, that I want to complain. I want to say that sports and marketing of product shouldn’t be tied into a legend.

Then I realize that a lot of people don’t know Gil Scott Heron (Here is a paper I wrote about him for your reference.)

I’m okay with this interpretation. As a former athlete and coach, it fits. As a teacher and poet, it fits. RIP Gil Scott, your words live on.
Features MLB player Carlos Correa, NBA player Justise Winslow, NFL player Marcus Peters, and WNBA player Moriah Jefferson in a film featuring the track “Running” by Gil Scott-Heron.