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Air Jordan 8 Retro “Confetti” – Should You Buy To Flip?

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Source: Air Jordan 8 Retro “Confetti” – Release Date.

I’m doing something a little different with this post. Usually my Insider Ties are just showing what’s releasing. I’m going to take a different approach by predicting what the resell value of this shoe will be and I will give you my formula. Here are the ground rules:

  1. I know someone is already selling these shoes so I can gauge what the price is.
  2. I will look at several sites to get an average.
  3. I will post the retail price.
  4. I will show what the reseller can potentially earn.
  5. I will explain whether this will be a great shoe for resellers or a dud.

Here we go. When I sold shoes, I made a first check on eBay and Flight Club. I consider those places the industry standard. I also factored in whether I was getting a great price on the shoe and I would do a breakdown of the profit. Flight Club is selling the Confetti 8 early at 400.00. Flight Club is the standard so this means that a reseller in the market on their own will have to adjust the price of the shoe down 60-100 dollars on a platform like Amazon or if they are selling on their own through Instagram or Facebook.

eBay has an average price of 319.99 on early released when you click the SOLD LISTINGS box. If Flight Club is at 400.00 and eBay early is at 319.99, then my adjusted price at the time of release when the market has more pairs available will be 300.00.

Now, if you pick the pair up at a discounted price, it might be worth the gamble. Here is the problem. At the same time as this release, the Champagne 8, Wu Tang Foams, Retro 12 University Grey are all dropping. Add to that adidas is releasing several NMDs and the ultraBounce is doing well and if you are reseller this might be a very risky investment for you. If you are a buyer, then the market is on your side. Here are a few more pics and you can click the Source link above for more details on the Confetti.