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ARCH Casual: The Allen Samples

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When you are launching a new shoe, samples are critical to the development of the shoe. As most sneakerheads and fashion people know, samples cost a nice hunk of change. I think this is what makes me a little frustrated in the whole process. Like an artist when you take the time to invest energy into something and people simply overlook it because it’s not Nike or Jordan, that ish is mad offensive. To start your own shoe company is an expensive and nailbiting process. You drop a lot of money and then you have to work on the niche and angle, pricing and branding, and the whole time you work on this some person who is a “sneakerhead”, or “fashion” expert, which half the time the person is neither, simply drops a comment like “wack, garbage, not copping, lacks detail” with no consideration at all for the work that it took.

Does this sound sensitive? Definitely, but I state all of this to say, one day you are going to want to do something other than buy Cole Hahn or Nike. You are going to want to make your own thing in fashion or industry and then you will ask for feedback. My only point of advice here is, get tough, real tough skin.

So what is this about? The samples. These shoes will not be made in these materials, but I thought as a part of the process I had to show you everything that comes before the launch. Just like when I went through all of the ebay drama, I will give you the step by step. These pics are of the The Allen Samples. Check it out, share it, like it, more info is coming this week. Updates this week will include pricing and the reason behind the pricing. Insider knowledge on the sneaker industry from a beginner’s point of view.

Stay motivated.