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ASICS Invests in AI Silk For Performance

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We will combine traditional technology and advanced technology to challenge the new century Japanese manufacturing industry to evolve silk (silk) materials into next generation industrial materials.

ASICS has formed a venture capital firm and has made it’s first investment in a company founded in 2015, AI Silk. The short video above explains exactly what AI Silk is and does. This is a strong move from the brand as tech is currently the only driver of interest in sportswear and apparel. If a company can’t answer the question, “How does it make me better?” they will lose the edge in a competition that appears to be about casual wear when the reality is casual and performance are almost integrated into lifestyle. AI Silk will give ASICS a connected textile that allows for monitoring performance and movement. As computers have become the primary workstation, employers are worrying less about “professional” dress and looking more at performance dress. A healthy and comfortable employee equals a better work space. Use this source link to visit the link from ASICS on the details:

source: ASICS x AI Silk