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ASICS Nails the GEL-Kayano X Porter Collab

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ASICSTIGER™ X Porter – GEL-Kayano TrainerASICS Tiger and Porter have collaborated to create a minimalist design that balances the mood of both brands and appeal to the fashion-conscious. The outer upper is made from nylon twill — the same fabric used in Porter’s classics Tanker series — and Nubuck.The GEL-Kayano® Trainer comes with an iconic Porter tag adorining the sides. The soles and lining are stitched in Porter’s trademark orange. Choose between flat black shoelaces or the same drawstring cord used in the Tanker series.

Source: GEL-Kayano Trainer

When ASICS nails a collab it stays in place. This Porter collab takes the classic elements of the Porter brand and integrates those touchstones into the Gel Kayano. If there is a question of flipping or collecting, this is definitely a collector’s item. The shoe is a perfect representation of what happens when companies take the time to provide footwear that isn’t made specifically for the younger crowd. As sneaker culture begins to age up, brands have to understand that just because we take on more responsibility it doesn’t mean that we stop wanting to be fly. The Tanker series is a set of ruck sacks, back packs and the infamous waist pouch.