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BrandBlack S/S 2018 Is Dope ASF 

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Brandblack works to find a natural harmony between technology and humanity through our products. (pictured above the Standard – French Terry Kimono in the header is the Delta Low).

Source: We Are the Exception to The Expected

I originally titled this post as “BrandBlack is doper than Off-White”. Then I realized that Virgil Abloh is more than a collab king and that his importance at this moment is so influential that it’s earned him the creative director of LVMH. I know this, so I changed the title because it seemed a bit like clickbait since it’s hard to compare a brand to an individual, but there is a bit of synecdoche here. Off-White is Virgil and Virgil is Off-White so making the statement that BrandBlack is doper is valid and once I took a moment to reflect on a a video I watched of the Paris Off White fashion show, and I checked out BrandBlack’s S/S 2018, I felt I could make the statement and then show why I made the statement. Instead there isn’t any reason to compare the two.

While Nike and adidas work hard at establishing their fashion worthiness, BrandBlack effortlessly integrates lifestyle into the apparel creating performance driven casual apparel and footwear. Here are some of the elements of their spring/summer 18 line. While the line up isn’t as extensive as the portfolio from Off-White, BrandBlack is equally as stylish and dope. Use the source link above to view more and shop.

The Delta Low
Sternwood Pants and Tremayne Jacket