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Brooks Beast Cas Loxsom Smashes 600-Meter World Record

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Run Happy!

Source: Brooks Blog – Run Happy!

I realized yesterday that I was writing far too many articles on more prominent brands. I have always wanted ARCH to represent more than the mainstream. The goal was to “share the wealth” as a sneaker blog. I thought, however, that the only people reading blogs on sneakers were sneakerheads. I realized yesterday by researching footwear and shoe styles, what I’ve always known, what I knew when I started ARCH and Sho-Shot and made my own shoes, people like reading about athletes, business, and all around the dope things that are taking place. I’m just focusing on sneakers.

Check out this source link on Brooks Beast runner Cas Loxsom. It’s important for people to know that professional sports goes beyond the NBA, NFL and MLB and that track and field actually carries on after the Olympics. Use the Source link to read more about this accomplish and more about Brooks Running Athletes.