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Check Out The Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist | If This Was The Curry 4…

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Don’t even try to knock this one from Under Armour, sneaker heads.

Source: Under Armour Just Teased the Release of $300 Sneakers That May Be Its Coolest Looking Ones Ever $UA

Under Armour released a 3D printed outsole shoe last year in the Architech and now they are revisiting the idea with the Futurist version of the shoe. If you use the Source link above there is a video with a description of the project.

I have something to say about this. There is an obvious Glove comparison here, but the picture above and the medial shot deliver a shoe that is both stylish and appears to be functional if the outsole was replaced with UAs Charge or MicroG System. If this shoe had released last year as the Steph Curry 3 or even if they had leaked this as the SC 4, Under Armour would be creating some serious interest.

This design is dope and meets every requirement for being on trend and capable of challenging any sneaker currently on the market in the Basketball arena and any shoe in the fashion arena.

This may be one of the best releases from the brand I’ve seen, but it’s wasted on a small run of 3D printed outsoles. Under Armour is in need of better decision making because it’s frustrating to see dope releases on a limited basis from UAS and now with this Under Armour Futurist.