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Does Kyrie Irving’s Day 6 Beijing Visit Hint at Where Kyrie is Being Traded?

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Irving will immerse himself in Asian basketball culture while traveling to Japan, Taiwan and China. Check back daily for new photos and videos.

Source: Nike News – Kyrie Irving Tours Asia with Nike Basketball

If you’ve been following along on Nike’s site there have been several alternative colorways for the Kyrie 3 presented during Kyrie’s tour of Asia. One color in particular stands out after all of the banter about a Kyrie trade on the horizon. Nike is a machine and NBA players are very particular about what they do and how they are perceived. The pics below can’t be coincidence. Here is Kyrie holding two pair of “Yeezy” inspired colorways of his Kyrie 3. Now it’s only Yeezy inspired if you forget that KD actually had a Black and pink model release on the KD 7 named the Bad Apple. I may have a little bit of fanboy coming out here and I’m reaching… but that look into the camera with those shoes on, C’Mon Son! (shout out Ed Lover)

Nothing these guys do is subtle. They are bold and always calculating the next step. As a Knicks fan I can see what Kyrie wants and this is not just a “colorway” choice. It’s a reference to where the point god is headed. I mean who willingly throws on that colorway with a baby blue shirt and grey and black shorts? Kyrie is on the way to NYC. Consider a Kyrie/Porzingis tandem with a healthy Joakim Noah and you have a storm brewing in the East.