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Dope S–t I Like – Art: Bua Giclees/Uniques

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Skyhooked by Justin Bua
Skyhooked by Justin Bua

For those of you looking up the word giclees and trying to figure out how to pronounce it, (Gee-Clays btw), let me explain why I think they are valuable. A giclee is a hand embellished art work. I used to think that prints and posters were best left for dorm rooms and work offices and couldn’t be considered real art. I thought since it wasn’t the original it would never have any value except to the person who bought it. In reality all art is this way. Art doesn’t have any value to people who aren’t concerned with when or how it was created and why the artist chose to create it. Value is a number sign that isn’t honestly quantifiable. How much is your blood worth? That’s what art is. We have to monetize art to live however and a print by Leonardo da Vinci is not the same as a print by Justin Bua… why? Bua’s site explains giclees/uniques as one step up from a print. While you can buy a print of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo is not around to actually hand embellish the artwork. Justin Bua is around to give your gallery quality print painted upgrades. This means that your giclee/unique was actually painted by the artist.

To me this is everything especially when the artist is respected and known, because let’s be honest when we show our art to people, we like being able to tell the story about the artist and then saying, “look closely and notice the brushstrokes.”  I guess an alternative is to by more affordable art by local artist which is also a great way to build a collection based on what you like. For me right now I just happen to find Bua’s work dope and definitely something I will carry as I move towards getting the courage to open the ARCH gallery. Visit the Site and leave me a note if you’re interested in any of Bua’s work.

From Justin
From Justin

The Slide

The San Francisco Giants commissioned BUA to paint the legend Willie Mays and these are the only Limited Editions available.

To purchase call BUA Studios 213-784-1926 ASAP or email to set up a paypal payment before they’re sold out!

The Slide – HP Limited Edition – $250 – SOLD OUT
Signed, Numbered and Hand Painted/Embellished by BUA in edition of24

See the BUA Collector’s Guide below for option descriptions.