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Dope S–t I Like: Banksy

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Source: Banksy

Really this is one of the few times I’ve actually caught this website active so visit it while it is still available instead of leading back to the Pest Control website.

This isn’t really about something being dope. When I used to teach I would tell my students the only thing that would end racism, sexism, classism and every other ism is art. For me when a person is bold enough to take something they’ve created and speak out against or speak up for an issue, it is the purest form of creation and inspiration. Banksy does not sell his artwork. He places it in areas where people can discover it and then they can share it and bring attention to issues of importance. Through his creations discussion often begins and with discussion we all become better people… if we actually talk instead of yelling and screaming at each other.

His current work has been in regard to the Syrian refugee crisis and the gas bombing of the French internment camp. I’m quite certain if he decided to come back to America to do another installment that Flint and Black Lives Matter would be at the forefront of his art. For right now, take  a second and visit the site while you can. Big ups Banksy.

I saw this movie on HBO and it gives great insight into what his goal is with his art. The irony is how people are responding instead of discussing. It’s the epitome of how consumerism and capitalism shapes our society.

Get the movie here:

Check out this as well: