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Dope S–t I Like: Blogger Danielle Bernstein Is Debuting an “Archive” Boot Collection

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Her line, which makes its debut Nov. 7, is called Archive Shoes.

Source: Blogger Danielle Bernstein Is Debuting an “Archive” Boot Collection

Alright, so you don’t expect to see a lot of women on ARCH, but when it proves a point, I have to add the post. I’m browsing Footwear News and I see this post about blogger Danielle Bernstein. I’ve done a lot of videos discussing the access point into the footwear business. I also talk about how big brands are failing to utilize their own platforms to promote the strength of the brand. I often kick myself for launching ARCH prior to building my online platform. as I’m doing now. This is very important for all business people: If you want to launch don’t do it in reverse!!!!!! You should be working right now on generating information that verifies your knowledge of your industry. If you are going to try to start a women’s shoe company, you should be writing about every women’s shoe company you can find. If you plan on launching a men’s shoe brand, you should be covering every brand that is in your lane, basically what I’m doing on ARCH. Your platform is your access point. Don’t hustle in reverse. Hustle with your car in drive and move forward.

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