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Dope S–t I Like: Christopher Coy Collection

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Style and comfort in a state-of-the-art heel design for the fashion forward woman.

Source: Christopher Coy Collection – For the Fashion Forward Woman

Question: What does a Jordan head, former college basketball player and shoe designer who won awards designing shoes for Nike at Pensole do when they have the chance to create their own footwear line?

Answer: They create a luxury line of women’s footwear that will allow women to remain fly and comfortable.

Christopher Dixon is the man behind the latest luxury line of footwear, Christopher Coy. I remember reading a book on Jimmy Choo and discovering the passion that existed in the brand before Jimmy Choo was bought out and the brand became a corporatized version of itself that basically cannibalized its own catalog. Christopher Coy is what Jimmy Choo was. It’s passionate design with functionality and style. The models are all made in Italian factories and utilize premium materials with a futuristic patented double heel technology that places an emphasis on stability and comfort.

The technology is what stands out for the brand as it creates the idea of the “wedge as art”, but instead of crafting the midsole of the wedge from cork or pressed particle which is heavy and clunky, Christopher Coy streamlines the materials and utilizes a woodgrain finish on his dual wedge (injection mold).

What has been created is by far the most beautiful shoe a woman can wear without compromising comfort. The shoe released today and is definitely a brand to watch as Burberry and other lux brands struggle to find their footing in a market that is looking for a more modern version of luxury. A few more pics below and you can visit the site by using the Source link above.