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Dope S–t I Like: Madina Design

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Madina Design – Designer with a passion for Hip Hop, Hip Hop clothing, fashion, design, old school, classic, art, photography, illustration, goldenera.

Source: Madina Design – Hip Hop Clothing & Design – Madina

Full disclosure, I haven’t bought anything from Madina, yet. I’ve been sharing, liking and being a social media follower for years, but I haven’t taken any cash out of my pocket and dropped dollars on the Madina Designs and that’s a f–king shame. I’m actually disgusted with myself about that too. I have my reasons. For a long time I was running ARCH, you know the shoe and apparel company this site is named after. Running ARCH, I only wore my own clothing when it came to tees and hoodies. I only wore my shoes. As I finally closed shop on ARCH this month, just last week, with very little fanfare, my first cop was the Wool adidas NMD for shoes and now I’m starting to look at my tee shirt options. Naturally, while I’m browsing, I get reminded of companies that I should’ve supported and Madina Design is one of those companies. That’s why I’m dropping this post.

Use the source link to click through. This London based company is as dope as they come and the addition of the Lh tee, perfect. For the record, I’d rather see the letter J represent the rapper Jahlil of Whodini, or the greatest turntableist Jazzy Jeff, but I don’t control anything, I only make suggestions šŸ˜‰