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Footbeat | Lavar Ball This is What a 400 Dollar Shoe Should Do

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Footbeat is your stepping stone to an active recovery and healthy lifestyle. Enter to win a Recovery Kit ($450 value) now!

Source: Footbeat: Move Ahead To Your Recovery

I really shouldn’t have mentioned Lavar Ball, but once I looked into Footbeat, it was a natural headline to create. Today I noticed an ad in the header of my site. I couldn’t click it so I Bing’d it instead. What I found was a lightweight moccasin designed in an on trend manner with built in technology that is operated by a keychain fob.

My initial thought wasn’t “What are those?” I immediately found interest in what this shoe actually did. I browsed the site and discovered that there are a list of ailments associated with the foot that this shoe is attempting to help with.

This is less shoe and more of a therapeutic device. The price tag is not even 400 dollars, if you simply want to purchase the moc and the insole then you can do so. The 450 dollar price is for the entire kit which includes socks, a charger and a remote as well as the moc and insole.

The above gif shows the tab that is built into the insole that allows the engine to create a pulse which improves circulation. While the tab/engine looks similar to the old Nike+ insert, the idea that it actually vibrates is an upgrade that really makes sense.

Website analysis

The shoe looks great but there are few problems with the project’s website. The website loads very slow in sections. That lag time is enough that a person would consider leaving the site. The navigation is not very straightforward. There are subpages hidden all over the site.

I’m sure the only page that matters to the company is the Buy Now page, but I’m a firm believer in story and narrative and I don’t really know what the story is from visiting the site. There is a discussion on the founder, Dr. David Mayer under ‘Company Info’, but that requires a scroll down to the bottom of the site.

While the name and the fact that I saw a shoe in the ad inspired me to Bing the name, I write about sneakers. Most people don’t and they aren’t given any reference to footwear in the subtitle or slogan. I think that’s a mistake. I also think that the site itself lacks relevant information (a blog) for content creation which could drive engagement with the brand on its platform where it’s easier to convert than it is from social media.

Overall I like the look of the moc, but I’d like to see an actual picture of the outsole on the product page instead of having to watch the unboxing video to see the outsole (and this unboxing is dry… informative but dry). It looks to be a solid entry into footwear in an area no one is really looking into, not even the brand. This could be a post sport recovery shoe. This brand has potential… all for the price of a ZO2 from a knock-off factory.