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FOR LA featuring the Jordan Formula 23

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Legendary photographer Estevan Oriol and breakout talent Julius Caesar – come together in this lookbook to represent downtown Los Angeles and the Formula 23

Source: FOR LA.

At times it becomes difficult to tell the difference between Jordan Brand and adidas. What do I mean by this? adidas Originals has created an indelible link between artists and the NMD. In every launch, typically in NYC, there are emcees and photographers. The overlap is amazing and really shows the connection between footwear and creativity.

Now I shouldn’t say the difference isn’t notable because I really hadn’t seen much of an artistic influence in the promotion of Jordan Brand. The Brand usually markets through more commercial outlets. They tend to avoid the griminess and beauty of the streets. Michael Jordan was the anti Rodman and this Jordan campaign looks more like the Worm than it does the GOAT.

I guess seeing creatives in a Jordan Brand promo immediately reminded me of the work adidas is doing, but that’s okay because I’m all for the promotion of creatives. This photo shoot features barber Julius Caesar.

Two generations of Angeleno creatives – legendary photographer @EstevanOriol and breakout talent @JuliusCaesar – come together in this lookbook to represent downtown LA and mark the launch of the Formula 23. Oriol and Caesar tell us how they landed in downtown in their respective careers and what the area means to them.

I felt compelled to share the shots. They are dope, more important using a photographer like Estevan makes the subject more important than the footwear. That’s smart marketing.