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For Other Brands To Really Catch Nike, They Need To Get Busy

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New jersey for India Cricket embodies spirit of self-belief.

Source: Nike News – Nike Unveils New Team India Cricket Kit

A few days ago I posted about Nike’s upcoming Chengdu store.

Another Reason Nike Will Recover: Jordan Brand Opens Largest Jordan-only Store in Asia in Chengdu

I explained in this why Nike’s growth abroad is really where the market has to pay attention. 2016 was a year where Adidas, to use a Nike slogan, came out of nowhere to disrupt the market. Puma rode Queen Rihanna to larger growth than they’ve seen in years. Nike was down 18% on the market by the end of 2016 and even with all of this happening, even with all of the openings available to other brands, I still projected that Nike would recover and the other brands would find themselves in the difficult position of attempting to adjust to a Nike who continues to function like a start up.

The picture above of the Team India Cricket uniform by Nike shows that the Swoosh is going where the feet and bodies are. India is a gigantic market and connects the growth of Nike from Asia to Southeast Asia across culture and sports. The growth doesn’t stop there.

Nike is also moving south by partnering with the CABB (Argentine Basketball Federation). This international growth in marketing and sponsorship will extend the Swoosh and give them growth in areas that will not be affected by an incoming administration that is creating an unsure marketplace for companies that import their products. This becomes more important as China begins to relinquish government control of its sports industry.

Wanda-Owned Infront CEO Philippe Blatter on China’s Sports Buying Spree

I love my sneakerhead community, but the sneaker and athletic apparel world is much larger than the next hyped release. Adidas isn’t killing it right now and Under Armour is about as much a threat as a three year with a light saber.

Use the source link to peep the Team India story and check out these other links to get a more global view of the sports industry.