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Franchise Player? Draymond Green 1st Ever Triple Double Not Including Points | 02.10.17 

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A few days ago my biz partner Tayib at Housakicks compared Draymond Green to Derrick Fisher. His point was that Green is a good piece of a team. He’s a role player.

Other people chimed in on Facebook that Draymond is simply a beneficiary of being on a team with Steph, Klay and now KD.

Someone even compared him to Thaddeus Young. My responses came back in this form and no one ever responded to my constant questions:

  1. Draymond averages 10, 8, and 8 with 2 steals per game. Draymond handles the ball 50% of the time for the Warriors. If you take Draymond and put him on the Cavs who is the favorite this year?
  2. Game 7 NBA Finals Draymond Green stats 11-15 FG, 6-8 3PFG, FTM 4-4, 32 pts, 15 Rebounds, 9 assists. Name a role player who does that on the biggest stage in the game. I will wait.
  3. A role player playing with the type of guys the Warriors have does not have the type of stats Green has. Even if you leave a guy open, he doesn’t get 9 assists!!!
  4. A role player? Averaging almost a triple double on a team with 3 All Stars, name another player who was a role player almost averaging a triple double on a team with 3 all stars. I will wait.

Now this game against a Grizzlies team that is one of the best in the West. A team that has beat all of the top teams in the NBA. Could a couple of these assist be kinda meh? Yeah, but a triple double with steals, assists and rebounds? The only guy to ever do so in the NBA?

Draymond is more than a role player and could be the foundation of a team in the NBA. I’m standing by that remark.