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Get Casual with Subtlety

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Me at K'PreSha Boutique with The Allen (photo by Darius B. Williams)

This is another picture by Darius B. Williams of me posing with my shoes. I figure if I spend more time promoting my stuff than all of the other stuff I sell, maybe you will take a chance on my style. I figure the more people see what I’m working on they will be more willing to take a chance. So with that said, I’m asking you to get casual… with subtlety. While most people want to wear something that screams the brand, men who are confident can wear certain clothes with a more understated approach and look cooler than the guy with the “big” named brand footwear. This picture was taken at K’PreSha Boutique in Downtown Memphis and the shoes are on the rail while I get my model pose on. Why pay somebody when I can get stylish and who better than yourself to promote your brand? If I don’t wear it what will make other people interested in wearing?