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Dope S–t I Like: Common Projects

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Source: Common Projects

Okay, either I’m a wimp or I just don’t understand pricing. Common Projects is a brand that I’ve wanted to try but something in me won’t let me drop the dollars on the kicks. Generic Surplus and Common Projects have a lot in common… I couldn’t help that. They both play on the idea of simplicity, sturdy builds and lux materials.

The thing is there is a mystique to this brand in the same way that many of the brands on this list avoid giving away too much of their narrative. Every part of branding and marketing will tell you that the story is the most vital part of the brand. You can barely find any insight into CP without doing a little digging.

Which kind of tells me I’m going about things the wrong way…. nahhhh. I’m good. I do think I’m moving the pricing into a different category for ARCH, but it won’t be like this. Click the link above and visit the online shop. I’m really interested in what you think about Common Projects…