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How Many Pairs Of The Black Cement Air Jordan 3 Were Produced?

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is probably going to be one of the most anticipated retros of the year. Since the Jordan 3 White Cement “88” made a return with the Nike Air logo on the back , we’ve been teased with rumors of the possible return of the Black Cement 3, and the rumors became reality near the end of 2017. Many in the sneaker community are anxious to know how many pairs of the Black Cement 3 will be produced for several reasons. Sneaker news sites have all been regurgitating the same information about Nike’s decision to trim down the production of Jordan retros.  Nike CEO Mark Parker said in an interview,

The last thing we want, is to be a big dumb company that feels we can put a swoosh on something and people will buy that.

So I guess folks have reasons to be concerned about the number of units of the shoes that will be made. To come up with a good estimate, we need to make some logical assumptions. If Nike is going to implement the Edit To Amplify strategy, I’ll assume that retros that aren’t bringing in considerable revenues will definitely be put in the vault for some time. If this is the case, the brand needs to compensate that deficit somewhere, which means that the beloved retros like the Black Cement 3 will be produced in massive numbers. Jordan Brand isn’t stupid; they know how much people have been waiting for the BC3, and they’ll capitalize on it. Retros that will be more limited are  those that are less desired. For example the Jordan 18 White/Sports Royal isn’t a shoe that people are drooling over, so consequently the amount of pairs made for those will be limited, and that’s exactly what happened , you can check my link below where I wrote about it.

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Now the question remains , how many pairs of the Black Cement Air Jordan 3 were produced?
Check out the screenshots below and the interpretation that follows after.
2016 Air Jordan 3 True Blue Release Map
air jordan 11 space jam #45 release map

These two screenshots show you the release map for the 2016 Air Jordan 3 True Blue and the 2016 Air Jordan 11 Space Jam. Basically what this is showing you is that the same number of pairs were produced for both the space jam and the true blue (because the release maps are fairly identical). Now how many pairs of the Space Jam were produced? That’s an easy task, in an article I wrote a few months ago, I came up with a linear model to help me estimate the number of pairs of the Jordan 11 Win Like 96 that were produced and I can use that same equation to find out how many pairs of the Space Jam were made.

Here is the equation: to see how I came up with the equation click Here to access the article

m=(slope=rate of change)=109,907 and my starting number is 963242 ( from the 2014 legend blue ) n
Jordan 11 space jam= 109,907 x (t=number of years since 2014)+ 963242
hence Jordan 11 space jam= 109,907 x (2) + 963242=1,183,056 pairs
So if 1,183,056 pairs of Space Jam were produced, that means 1,183,000 pairs of the True Blue were made. I think that’s a fair estimate given the fact that the True Blue is still available on  many sites to this day.


I’m assuming that about 1,180,000 pairs of the Black Cement Air Jordan 3 were produced. Think about the date when they release ( 17th of February) which also is right during the tax season.  Jordan Brand wants your tax money and they will make a lot of the BC3’s. Another thing to consider is the fact that they reduced the price to $200 which is a great incentive. I’m telling you they’ve probably made about a 1,200,000 pairs to round off my earlier number I gave you, and on top of that, there are already a gang of sellers on eBay carrying the shoes with prices ranging from $269 to $300 (which means they aren’t scarce).

I may be totally wrong but I doubt I am; I’m a mathematician and I love doing these kind of predictions.

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