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Introducing the ANTA KT2 for Klay Thompson

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Source: Anta America

While most sneakerheads only consider Nike and Adidas as real kicks and they will ultimately dismiss other brands, the international market continues to be a play for US based companies. When you consider that Under Armour is attempting to crack the international market to show that they still have room to grow and that Nike has placed considerable resources into expansion into the East, it becomes evident that the world outside of the US allows for the diversity of footwear.

Klay Thompson could easily be the face of adidas or Under Armour, but he has chosen to defy the trends and remain with ANTA. The Chinese Sports Brand is launching his latest sneaker the KT 2. The shoe touts the tagline “Rain Supreme” and the website is actually a simple and solid design for presenting the shoes. While Anta has very limited distribution their goal is to remain viable in China. The style of the shoe does not cater to sneakerhead sensibilities and has very little crossover appeal, but as a performance shoe it sports some solid performance details. Here is the description from the site:

Whitehawk champions Klay’s team colors of yellow and blue against a clean white backdrop. The shoe features a dramatic heel design, reminiscent of a hawk, along with angles resembling wingtips that flex, giving way to perforations for breathability.

The wingtips are carried out further in an upward flow, evoking the energy of rising up to knock down a shot. A high-traction outsole and lateral flare provide critical stability for the quick bursts, starts, stops and cuts on the court.

The mid-foot offers a strong support system, with an injection heel that securely locks you into the shoe. The end result is a lightweight, extremely shock absorbent shoe, ideal for the rigors and intensity of the game.

The ANTA KT2 may not create any hype in the US, but the announcement of Klay’s new kicks helped to bounce the stock price up on the day. Check out pics of the KT2 below and use the source link to visit the site.