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J’S IN THE 6IX | | Going Beyond The Drop

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Air Jordan Collectors at the new 306 Yonge st store opening in Toronto discuss their favorite editions of the Air Jordan 1, the AJ4 and the AJ 6

Source: J’S IN THE 6IX.

While many sites are discussing the new Jordan store opening in the 6 (aka Toronto, Canada) they have overlooked a session Jordan Brand set up to give collector’s a moment to reflect on their favorite pair of kicks and why they decided to fall in love with that perfect pair.

This is one of those events that continues to establish the importance of connecting to the market beyond just selling them gear. As many brick and mortars are finding out, price is not the primary driver of fan engagement with a brand, experience is the driver of continued connection.

Use the source link to check out more pictures and some really cool videos created on Facebook by JB.