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Kangaroos Coil-R2 x Sneakerbaas “Sin City” via Hanon

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Source: Kangaroos Coil-R2 x Sneakerbaas “Sin City” | Hanon

Hanon is a European kicks shop so buying involves international shipping for the US, but I’m sharing this because I follow Kangaroos on social media and I do so because I’m always fond of reminiscing on my childhood.

I remember being a kid and everyone wanted to be Walter Payton. “Sweetness” rocked Roos. Nike wasn’t big then and getting sneakers was a tough thing because my mom wasn’t paid. I got a pair of turf Kangaroos with the pocket. I also had a pair of Puma Turfs… for some reason we all rocked Turf football shoes which was a sign that the NFL was more popular than basketball, and it still is, not when it comes to kicks however.

Anyway, I try to keep up with Roos. I don’t ever see the kicks here in the states and it makes sense. The US isn’t about sneaker diversity. This is the land of “What Are Those?” and dissing anyone who isn’t wearing either Jordan/Nike or adidas. It’s unfortunate because the rest of the world gets to wear what they love and take dope pictures of styles that are eye-catching.


This Sneakerbaas x Kangaroos “Sin City” model is made up in a devilish red suede and midnight black ostrich printed leather. Kangaroos here delivers what I’ve been saying Under Armour needs to do, an incognito color blended logo. The shoe has a speckled midsole and gum outsole.

I’ve only found a few pair if you’re interested in buying now. If not you will have to wait until April 29th via Hanon.