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Nick DePaula Scoops The Sneaker World with the Curry 4 | NBA Finals 2017 Kicks

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While this isn’t the best pic of the shoes, overall I think this is an upgrade over all of the previous models. It’s obviously a pair created for hoops. The other 5 releases (2.5 and Curry30) all were made for the court as well, but weren’t as high as this release which made a street transition an expectation. This model looks to be completely focused on performance which is good because it’s what I said needed to be done by the brand. Don’t shy away from performance. I don’t care how much fashion is dominating. A great looking performance shoe can transition.

The Threadborne looks magnificent and the translucent outsole and speckled midsole with the gold SC logo with hints of gold at the ankle and heel make for a really dope performance shoe.

While the shoe isn’t really prepared for a takedown or really made for off court, I think the model if rolled out slowly with the same video and coverage the initial Curry 1 received it could crossover and perform very well.

It appears they definitely took cues from the Volleyball release this year. That shoe looked just as good and slightly sturdier than this model which appears to be all Threadborne.

Shout out Nick for dropping this pic!