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Nike Only Gave The Nike Air Zoom Generation King’s Rook to Select Boutiques

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Nike’s new mission has been to directly reach the consumer without the help of a mediator, in other words do away with the wholesale distribution channel. I️ wrote earlier about Nike going the Costco route, see it in the link below

Nike Is Going The Costco Route And It Makes Perfect Sense

But the brand’s overall  plan is becoming more clear every time an exclusive shoe is released. Nike is trying to associate its brand with more elite sneaker boutiques that have a large influence in the sneaker community. Recently they have joined forces with Ronnie Fieg and created a store together in Manhattan. Why is it so ? They are trying to recreate the feeling of exclusivity and KITH , Supreme and storeS of the like of these two are known for their exclusivity. Thee wholesale distribution channels no longer carry a sense of uniqueness so Nike is compelled to recreate its image via elite sneaker boutiques. And the Nike Air Zoom Generation King’s Rook just proved it . I️ was looking at the list of stockists and this is what I️ came up with :
Not even footlocker, which is in my opinion Nike’s long partner in crime had the Nike Air Zoom Generation King’s Rook .What is that telling you ? You think about it for a minute and come up with your own interpretation. It all leads us to understand one thing -next year agenda will be exclusivity and scarcity so be prepared to fork out top dollars for shoes, and if you’re a retailer, be prepared to receive less inventory from the Swoosh .. I️ don’t think Nike will stick with this plan though . They are too greedy to pass on a lot of money for the sake exclusivity, only time will tell.