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Onitsuka Tiger Lookbook 2017

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ASICS consist of several divisions. The Onitsuka Tiger brand is the oldest, but it is the most fashion forward of the line. I was researching ASICS and discovered their Japanese magazine. As always I look at how content creation enhances the brand perception and this magazine is perfect representation of how the Japanese market is often a leader in style.

Personally, I didn’t know that Onitsuka actually made a line of clothing that is fashion inspired, but closer in style to runway fast fashion. This video barely scratches the surface of the 2017 offering. The Lookbook is about 20 pages of symmetrical design including a very “Creeper” esque sneaker named the Delegacy. There is also a PF Flyer inspired shoe named OK Basketball RB. The highlights in the collection are the bags overall which are both casual and athletic ready. There are pops of orange and stripes dominate the design. The best men’s apparel element is the Jacket OKJ381 and in the women’s apparel is the WS Skirt OKP745.

I hate giving those names and not placing the pictures, but take a moment to click through and check out the Lookbook.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t know that ASICS delved so far into fashion, but it makes sense. As fashion forward as the US likes to pretend that it is, there really isn’t much deviation into alternative brands by style conscious people. Onitsuka doesn’t even have a store in the US which is telling.