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OSD: Nike, a New Low (Biggie vs. Pac) REALLY?! by OSD Is BACK | WTF Nike?

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My thoughts on Nike rumors of a Biggie vs. Tupac SB sneaker pack.

Source: OSD: Nike, a new low (Biggie vs. Pac) REALLY?! by OSD Is BACK | Anchor – The easiest way to start a podcast

Sean over at OSD dropped this podcast and it was almost perfectly aligned with what I was thinking when I saw that Nike was (allegedly) going to try to do a Biggie vs Tupac SB pack.


I’ve been writing a lot of posts on the site about how Nike is delivering a lot of solid content on the new products being delivered (Epic React, 270). if Nike SB goes through with this, the person behind it should be fired and the entire division should be replaced.

  1. Neither Pac or Biggie had any affiliation with skate.
  2. The two were actually very good friends and the media generated a problem that was compounded by outside forces looking to damage the growth of Hip-Hop.
  3. The two kings should never be turned into a commodity in this way. The guys were not athletes. They never represented Nike at any point in their lives. It’s a completely stupid appropriation of a very painful moment in the lives of Hip-Hop heads and Hip-Hop heads created this culture that Nike benefits from so heavily.
  4. The shit is just mad tasteless.

Enough from me. Listen to Sean get into this and explain it perfectly.