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Classic sneaker lacing styles from the 1980s and 1990’s. Style and expression on court at a time when you could count basketball brands on one hand.

Source: Playground Laces –

Until today content creation was a battle between Nike and adidas and adidas has been winning. With Under Armour’s #unlikeany campaign they enter the fray, but Jordan Brand is doing some really cool work over at their blog for brand. I’m not certain if it has picked up steam, but what it is doing is creating organic SEO growth. The use of the blog format generates a database that is indexed by Google and it increases search results for the brand. If Jordan Brand continues to pump out content by the end of the year there will be enough source material to rival larger sites like Complex and Hypebeast.

That was a lesson on why the blog format is important. Let’s get to the post they dropped today. featured a throwback lacing article that highlights some of their recent releases along with some of their higher profile drops. The result is butter. Dope pics and old school lacing styles. Use the Source link to see the pics and learn how we used to rock em back in the day… although we were probably wearing ROOS or Puma, lol.

“Sister Half Stitch”: A ladder-like stitch, with elements of the window and vertical looks.
“Soul”: Straight, times two, with alternate color laces.