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Reebok Floatride Run Wins “Best Debut” In Runner’s World 2017 Summer Shoe Guide

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Source: Reebok News Stream : Reebok Floatride Run Named “Best Debut” In Runner’s World 2017 Summer Shoe Guide

I joked about the name when I initially saw the Floatride, but after reading more about the materials and construction I said that the Floatride might be one of the best shoes to drop from Reebok.

Feel the Floatride | Progressive Performance from Reebok

Well, here is a really nice post about the shoe winning Best Debut from a serious running publication. It’s a great accomplishment from Reebok and adidas and while performance running is down as a category, I really think the innovation taking place from every brand will inspire a return to performance as casual this year.

There are a couple of pair available via eBay at below retail.