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Should You Buy To Flip? Reebok Instapump Fury “Overbranded” x Future

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After debuting as part of Reebok’s partnership announcement with Future, the Reebok Instapump Fury “Overbranded” releases for the fall of 2016. The sneaker features a white and black upper with a large black Reebok vector scrawled on the upper. Release date is Oct. 12, 2016 at a retail price of $175.

Source: Reebok Instapump Fury “Overbranded” | Reebok | Sole Collector

This is the first time I’m actually going outside of the box and looking at the resale price on a non-Nike shoe. Which is surprising, but not really when you consider the majority of resale value in footwear belongs to either Nike or Adidas. Reebok has relegated itself, or adidas as placed Reebok in a retro phase that only releases new footwear in Crossfit or UFC. This is a mistake to me, but that’s not the point of this article. Can Future sell a pair of kicks? Will Future sell a pair of kicks that reach Kanye or Pharrell status?

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

First check: I hit Flight Club first. Today is 10/5/2016. FC doesn’t have the Future Overbranded Fury. The Fury is available in several options on FC. It is also selling above the 175.00 price point. Those styles are actually very limited and tend to do well in Asian markets. For instance the Mastermind Instapump is going for 350 and the atmosxpacker Fury is going for 250, but listed price does not mean sold. While there are 2 pair selling above retail, there are 5 others at or below retail. While Future is attached to this, if King Kendrick’s kicks are still at retail and are not available on FC, this isn’t a good look and doesn’t bode well.

Rating = +1

Second check: My eBay check is horrible. 1 pair, 1 pair, 1 pair is all I found of this model of the Overbranded. I didn’t even do my check on Sold Listings. Well I did… but the result was even more underwhelming. No FuturexOverbranded Fury is selling early. This either means the shoe is crazy limited, or no one even cared to try for early money on these. What’s even worse is that the Fury Overbranded has an average resale price of about 75.00 dollars and that’s being generous because the only high value Fury is the Bape collab.

Rating = +1

Third check: I usually check with my local shops, but I don’t think Memphis will see this release at all. The smart move would be to go high end in ATL at boutiques, but I also check Twitter for shares and info and the info and hype on these is as dusty as 100 year old tittie. Now I do know there is a market for these and that Future is supposed to be dope, but as it stands right now. This may be the worst shoe I’ve rated. The absence of any hype or feedback on the shoe leads me to rate it at 0.

Rating = +0

Should you buy to flip?

My total on a scale of 9 is a +2. That is the worst resale rating I’ve done. This is not a shoe that you buy to flip. I’d love to see Reebok win and command a resale price just to know that there is a real challenge to Nike and adidas, but this is not the shoe and it’s just not going to happen. Will some people pay above retail? Probably and this is proven in the listing of several pair of Overbranded Fury on Amazon. You can grab those below.

Future might as well hop off the stage in these…