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Should You Buy To Flip? ‘Win Like 82’ Air Jordan XI 

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For the first time in a long time I’m writing a Should You Buy To Flip? but honestly I’m not really writing this as much as I’m warning you about how the market works now. I haven’t written an article on flipping because the GR flipping game is officially over…

Unless you have a Nike Employee store plug, or a Foot Locker discount plug, or any plug that can get you the shoes at a considerable amount below retail. Nothing that is available in abundance really pops anymore. I’m sure you’re saying, “But this is the 11 tho.” A year ago the Space Jam 11 returned in it’s OG state and there were so many pairs available the shoe barely reached 300. When it did hit 300 it only lasted for a few days. There were pairs of the Space Jam 11s still around in March. This year there hasn’t been a single Jordan Brand retro release that popped and performed like an old school GR that could be flipped.

That’s not why I’m writing though. If you are looking at flipping the 11 and you’re paying retail here is what you need to consider. On the 11th the Black Pigeon Dunk is also dropping. It will be limited, but it’s a classic Nike tactic. Drop an extremely limited shoe at the same time as another dope release and the GR with more pairs available will sell because people will take the one they can get.

Here is the problem if you’re thinking about flipping: This year on Black Friday there are two pair of Yeezy’s dropping. More important, this year on the 11th, the same day as the Pigeon and the 11, adidas is releasing 4 new colorways of the Pharrell NMD Hiking Hu. 4 pairs! The shoe will be limited, but it’s an item the crowd that would typically pay above retail for the 11 would buy.

Right now on eBay the Jordan 11 Win Like 82 isn’t winning. With a retail price of 220.00 with tax the shoe is 240.00. This means with an additional 13 to 15% fee on the shoe if you could sell it for 300.00 your fees would be 39.00 on 13%. That would make the shoe 279.00 and if you add in free shipping the price would be 290.00. You could make a cool 10 bucks flipping this GR at 300.00! The reality is the last 5 pair sold on eBay sold at an average price of $279.20. You would lose money trying to flip this shoe buying it from retail.

If you add in the retail map of the release on Foot Locker the Win Like 82 will be available in every damn city in the country. Collect this shoe, but don’t you dare try to flip it.