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The Government is Helping Sneakerheads with an Anti-Bots Bill

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Congress’ anti-bots bill aimed at online ticket scalping could have an impact on sneaker shopping in the future.

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Source: How Congress’ Anti-Bots Bill Could Make Online Sneaker Shopping Easier | Footwear News

I would think that Congress would spend their time helping me get rid of my student loans, or help people with medical insurance, but no… they are helping sneakerheads cop shoes easier. Thanks Congress, you the real MVP. Seriously, it’s important that Congress work on this and not for the sake of sneakers.

Imagine if you were utilizing e-trade or some digital platform to purchase shares of a Nike, Adidas or Puma and you found an incredible opportunity like Nike dropping to 49/share when you know it’s going to get back to 65/share and you go in to snap up some shares and some hedge fund managers are utilizing bots to grab as many as possible immediately driving the price back up. This is a stretch obviously, but I think it shows the importance of removing disruptive tech from the purchasing process online. With e-commerce growing it will undoubtedly continue to get targeted by hackers and people attempting to control the flow of products to consumers.

I’m sure sneakerheads aren’t worried about the other aspects. They are all probably cheering on Congress for helping them grab a pair of Yeezys or Jordans they had zero chance of getting without a bot. Click the source link for the details from Footwear News.